New album on Bandcamp


Thank you for supporting the promotion of our new album on Bandcamp. Sadly that wasn’t enough to reach our goal. This is why our album will be published as a digital version on all common music-plattforms „only“ instead of releasing a CD.

The best way to continue your support for PORTASH is by buying our album on Bandcamp. But we are also happy if you stream or buy our music on other websites. Just look for PORTASH on your favorite music-platform. Listen to our music. Be inspired. Tell others. And write us your opinion about our songs:

We’ve spent a long time wondering how to release our second album. As a band with limited financial resources and a relatively small listening audience, there can really only be one answer, right? The age of the CD is over and vinyl is simply too expensive, so a digital release enabling our fans to purchase and stream our music on the usual platforms is surely the only option. But it’s not that simple – at least not for us. We’ve spent many years working on our second album and created something that we’re massively proud of. So we don’t just want to release “Launching The Rockets” out into the (digital) world and leave it at that. These 12 songs and you the listener deserve more than just a download.

We’ve therefore decided that this is the best way to give our album the release we think it deserves:

  1. The album is now available exclusively from For a minimum price of €5 (that’s 2 cups of coffee) you can buy all 12 songs as a high-quality download. 80-85% of the money you spend on our music will land in our band piggy bank!
  2. If digital sales generate at least €1,000 by Christmas 2018 we will produce the album as a Limited Edition CD (a fancy digipack with a big fat booklet) which all people who have already bought the album as a download can buy for a knock-down price of €5 plus shipping (€3, we’ll ship anywhere in the world!).
  3. What is more, everyone who has already bought the album as a download via Bandcamp will receive a special digital EP with bonus tracks that will not be available anywhere else.

Is that a deal? Shake on it? Support us by buying our album and keep telling the world how much you love our music. THANK YOU!

Stian & Dan from PORTASH

We have made one-minute teaser trailers for all songs on the album. You can listen to them on Bandcamp or in our YouTube playlist.