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      Launching The Rockets (2018/2019)
      CD, Digital


      01 Fields Of Time
      02 Blink
      03 Roads Of Troubles
      04 Leave
      05 Bow To No One
      06 Fingerprints
      07 Your War
      08 Mission
      09 World On Fire
      10 In Your Hands
      11 Viruses
      12 Starstuff

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      PORTASH’s 2007 debut “Framed Lives” was released to acclaim from critics and fans alike. Despite backing up their debut with a string of noteworthy shows, the band nevertheless proceeded to disappear from view. Their second album was scheduled for release in 2012, but that became impossible after recording had to be aborted for personal reasons. It was not until 2015 that the band got back together and attempted to finish what appeared to be a cursed second album. This time around the sessions were fruitful and yielded a total of 12 fully fledged songs. “It was a long and intense process, but we got there in the end and are extremely happy with the finished product. ‘Launching The Rockets’ is pretty close to how we imagine the perfect pop album to be” explains singer and songwriter Stian Shiver. “We are really excited to hear what listeners think of the songs and can hardly wait to get the new material out on the road” adds Dan Stard, the band’s co-songwriter and keyboarder.

      The “melancholic electro-pop” box has become too small for PORTASH, who are gradually replacing classic electro-pop instruments with live drums, bass, guitars and violin. The result is pop songs with soaring arrangements and a natural, fresh sound – a delight for anyone who likes their music soaked in melancholy. From a lyrical perspective PORTASH steer clear of run-of-the-mill, preachy slogans, and instead explore the intricacies and meaning of life with sensitivity, profundity and a certain sense of mystery. The result is a dark yet shimmering pop album with stadium hook lines and songs that will stand the test of time. This self-assured sophomore release shows that PORTASH are ready to rocket towards a bright future.