“Listeners can look forward to dark pop songs with a healthy portion of electric guitar. If pushed to name a genre you might call it ‘synth pop’, but it is really the drums and guitar riffs that are the nuts and bolts of the tracks. Quirky electronic elements are added on the layer below. PORTASH create a dark atmosphere that aches with melancholy, and have earned the right to pin that medal firmly to their chests.”
Marco (USELINKS, review of “Framed Lives”)


“Framed Lives is a polished debut boasting some really great pop songs. Some tracks only reveal their full charm after a few listens, but their half-life is huge. Anyone looking for ambitious pop music need look no further than this new release!”
Ronny Gehring (DEPECHEMODE.DE, review of “Framed Lives”)

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The entire PORTASH back catalogue is available to buy here. By purchasing our music through Bandcamp you will enjoy not only high-quality downloads, but also the satisfaction of knowing that 80-85% of the money you spend will help us to continue making music. THANK YOU!


Lifting Off

Lifting Off (2020)


01 Your War (Remix by Conscience)
02 Roads Of Trouble (Remix by Tanzend Mit Dem Mondschein)
03 Leave (Remix by Neon & The Wolf!)
04 Your War (Remix by Die Maschinenmenschen at Zentralmodul)
05 Bow To No One (Remix by Neon & The Wolf!)
06 Leave (Remix by Science O.C.N.)
07 Roads Of Trouble (Remix by Neon & The Wolf!)
08 Your War (Remix by Der Doktor)
09 Bow to Noone (Remix by Die Maschinenmenschen at Zentralmodul)

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Launching The Rockets

Launching The Rockets (2018/2019)
CD, Digital


01 Fields Of Time
02 Blink
03 Roads Of Troubles
04 Leave
05 Bow To No One
06 Fingerprints
07 Your War
08 Mission
09 World On Fire
10 In Your Hands
11 Viruses
12 Starstuff

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more about the record and the limited CD-edition

“Driving beats, discreet but perfectly framed guitars, great arrangements and, above all, melodies and harmonies that manage to be catchy without begging for commercial approval. Much of that is down to Stian Shivers’s unmistakable voice. PORTASH prove they are equally at home making their point in quiet tones, for example on the piano-based ‘Standing Firm’, a track on which the band’s music and lyrics combine perfectly to take the listener on an emotional journey.”
MK (OBLIVEON, review of “Framed Lives”)


“The focus is clearly on atmospheric, electronic sounds, but they are delightfully complemented by carefully crafted guitar riffs that range from a lament to a primal scream. The result is a rich, dreamy, melancholic feel it is difficult not to be carried away by. Powerful and modern, intricate and dripping in bittersweet melancholy, the eleven tracks on FRAMED LIVES are a clear sign of a dark band with a bright future.”
Karin Jacob (ORKUS, review of “Framed Lives”)

Remixed Lives

Remixed Lives (2009)
Digital Only


01 Don't Fear The Years (Legacy Of Music Remix)
02 Grey (Neon & The Wolf! Remix)
03 A Dark Citys Night (Marsheaux Remix)
04 Anyone (Neon & The Wolf! Remix)
05 Standing Firm (Consience Remix)
06 Don't Fear The Years (Per-Anders Kurenbach Remix)
07 A Dark Citys Night (Tanzend mit dem Mondschein Remix)
08 Decision (Neon & The Wolf! Remix)
09 Running Blind (Conscience Remix)
10 Grey (Tanzend mit dem Mondschein Remix)
11 A Dark Cities Night (Neon & The Wolf! Remix)

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“It seems to me that PORTASH go into the songwriting process knowing exactly what they want and how to achieve it. The tracks never appear to have just been thrown together, they are always clearly structured and assembled and exist within a common sonic universe. The duo’s superlative pop songs are full of suspense and emotion, drawing listeners into a world of such comfort and depth that they will never want to return to reality. The band’s debut album ‘Framed Lives’ is a fantastic piece of work that many other newcomers would do well to take note of.”
Marko Meier (RE-FLEXION, review of “Framed Lives”)


"Such a perfectly produced and arranged debut makes it hard to believe that this Dresden-based duo are newcomers. It is exciting and encouraging to know that bands like this are out there putting their own stamp on electronic pop music and keeping the genre fresh. The songs are all mid-tempo and unlikely to get the clubs jumping, but they are great for an evening of musical discovery and contemplation at home. ‘Framed Lives’ is an excellent addition to the synth pop pantheon.”
Nuuc (ELEKTRAUMA, review of “Framed Lives”)

Framed Lives

Framed Lives (2007)
CD, Digital

Tracklist CD

01 stay
02 a dark citys night
03 anyone (full version)
04 don't fear the years
05 it's alright
06 standing firm
07 grey
08 desperate
09 running blind
10 calming lights
11 self-centred you

Tracklist Multimedia-Part

01 don't fear the years (remix by Per-Anders Kurenbach)
02 grey (dark memories remix by Tanzend Mit Dem Mondschein)
03 a dark city's night (remix by Marsheaux)
04 anyone (remix by Pro-To-Typen)
05 decision (neon & The Wolf! remix)
06 don't fear the years (uniformed by Legacy Of Music)
07 a dark city's night (alien intelligence manifestation by Tanzend Mit Dem Mondschein)
08 standing firm (fading hope remix by Conscience)
09 self-centred you (no excuse remix by Portash)
10 grey (infernal remix by neon & The Wolf!)
11 running blind (remix by Conscience)



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“This might not be as upbeat or danceable as Endanger or Colony 5, but it is still very much synth pop in a form that chooses atmosphere, details and guitars over beats and dancefloors. That is by no means to say that there aren’t any catchy songs on the Dresden duo’s debut album. When describing ‘Framed Lives’ – and in particular its vocals – it is words such as ‘comforting’ and ‘soothing’ that spring to mind. A quiet, emotional debut you need to hear.”
Thomas Abresche (SONIC SEDUCER, review of “Framed Lives”)


“Tracks such as ‘It’s Alright’ exude just the right amount of melancholy. The album even has elements that will delight prog rock fans. The futility and sorrow of something lost and unreachable are universal themes that run throughout the record. This is the best new record I’ve heard in the first six months of 2007! Anyone who enjoys gently powerful, melancholic, perceptive synth pop needs to get a copy of ‘Framed Lives’.”
Kurt Mitzkatis (GERMAN ROCK NEWS, “Framed Lives”)


Rocks! EP (2006)
EP-CD, Digital

Tracklist EP-CD

01 self-centred you
02 anyone
03 desperate
04 decision
05 self-centred you (advanced radio remix by Conscience)
06 desperate (remix by Caisaron)


Bonustracks Digital-Edition

07 Anyone (neon & The Wolf! remix)
08 Decision (split decision mix by cosmic seed)
09 Desperate (pure radio remix)

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