PORTASH are Stian Shiver and Dan Stard. The band’s unofficial third member is their longstanding producer and guest musician Rüdiger Illg. Other guest musicians join PORTASH for studio recordings and live performances.

PORTASH formed when the two Dresden-based musicians first started making music together in late 2004. According to legend, they took a cheerful Beatles song, threw a dark electro cloak over it and added some heavy guitars.

the road to memory lane is a one way trip

world on fire
from the album "launching the rockets"

Stian Shiver

songwriting, vocals, synths, acoustic and electric guitars

Dan Stard

songwriting, synths, backing vocals

Rüdiger Illg

producing, recording, mixing, mastering, bass and electric guitars

Guest musicians

Guitarist Burkhard Naumann (Mr Newman) has already taken to the stage with PORTASH on numerous occasions and added the finishing touches to many of the band’s songs with his distinctive sound. The band were supported by not one but two drummers – Robert Eisfeldt and Bernhard Hintze – during the recording of their latest album “Launching The Rockets”.

you’re living in frameS

fields of time
from the album "launching the rockets"